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I've always gravitated to drawing. Communicating visually has always come more natural to me. I used to watch my father draw and try to mimic everything his hand would do with a pencil. He is a natural artist and I was heavily influenced by him growing up. I picked up my first pencil when I was 5 years old to draw snoopy and haven't stopped since. I used to open up books in my fathers library and study all of the details in the work of Escher, Haeckel, Bruegel, Callot, Bosch, and Giger. Those six artists really shaped my view of the art world. I can also remember reading childrens books and being mesmerized by the creative stylings of Lane Smith,Stephen Gammel, Maurice Sendack, Tim Burton, and of course Dr. Suess. I should also mention how shaped I was by cartoons. There wasn't a day growing up that I didn't watch Tex Avery, Looney Tunes, or Ren & Stimpy. All of the early work of Max Fleischer and those old Harman and Ising or Merry Melodies cartoons were like magic to me. Alot of those artists made a huge impression on me and the work you see on this page includes my contributions to the art world thanks to them. You'll see some character design, children's books I've written and illustrated, hand puppets, portrait work, and some digital design work as-well. When I draw or create these characters and the worlds they live in I get to see a little part of me I didn't know existed.I just hope that it's as exciting for the artwork to see me for the first time.